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Dream Big

Aloha Members!

As you know, ASCE has set a goal to put a copy of Dream Big: Engineering Our World in every public school in America beginning fall 2018.  The DVD toolkit contains the full-length film, complete teachers guide, all companion videos and downloadable files for classroom use.  The cost is $5, which includes shipping.  A generous grant from the United Engineering Foundation will enable ASCE to put a DVD in every high school. 

Currently, ASCE has a 1:1 matching program focusing on middle schools (for example, we pay for 5, ASCE will provide 5 additional DVDs for the same school district(s)).  The Hawaii Section’s goal is to place a DVD in all Hawaii middle schools with the help of this matching program.  If you would like to help the Section reach this goal with a donation, please contact Hawaii Section President Lara Karamatsu at lkaramatsu@ascehawaii.org, by Friday, April 13th.

Donations to place DVDs in all elementary schools can also be made, but the 1:1 matching program only applies to middle schools.  To make a donation towards a specific elementary school, please visit https://www.engineersdreambig.org/.