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Hawaii Section of American Society of Engineers

Formed on October 4, 1937, the Hawaii Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers is the local Section of the national ASCE organization, which includes some 130,000 members worldwide.  With over 1,000 members locally, the mission of the Hawaii Section is to develop leadership, advance technology, advocate lifelong learning, and promote the profession throughout our State.  Hawaii Section activities include promoting civil engineering in local grade schools, providing affordable technical seminars, providing technical assistance to government entities, supporting the University of Hawaii Student Chapter and the Hawaii Section Younger Member Forum, fundraising for scholarships, honoring individuals and notable civil engineering projects in Hawaii, and supporting the civil engineering profession in the State Legislature. 

General membership dinner meetings are held monthly, featuring technical and general-interest guest speakers.  The Executive Committee is elected by its membership.  It meets monthly to conduct its business. Technical committees are active in the areas of geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, construction, transportation, ocean and energy, and hydraulics/hydrology and water resources.  Standing committees are also appointed to address membership, history and heritage, awards and hospitality.  Additional Section Appointees represent the Hawaii Section as a University of Hawaii Student Chapter Faculty Advisor, a University of Hawaii Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor, and as a representatative to the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization and chair specialized committees such as the Local Legislative Affairs Committee, Outreach Program, and Scholarship Committee.

The Hawaii Section Younger Member Forum (YMF) caters to the needs of Hawaii Section younger members (35 years and younger). The YMF helps these young engineers transition from college to the professional world and sponsors various social, service, and technical events, including the PE Exam Refresher Course. YMF officers meet monthly along with representatives from the University of Hawaii Student Chapter.  The 2019  Western Regional Younger Member Conference is part of an annual leadership summit with over 400 attendees from 10 states and the ASCE Hawaii Younger Member Forum is welcomes you to Hawaii for WRYMC 2019. WRYMC provides young civil engineers with invaluable leadership training, networking, and skills to help them be successful at both engineering and in their communities.  For more information visit: https://www.wrymc2019.com/

The University of Hawaii ASCE Student Chapter encourages and fosters interaction among civil engineering students and allows them to gain valuable experience outside the classroom.  The highlight of the Student Chapter is participating in the yearly Pacific Southwest Regional Conference, for which they design and build a concrete canoe, a steel bridge, and other items using their engineering skills.  At the conference they compete against other universities and participate in a number of other technical contests and social events.  The Student Chapter also performs community service projects and organizes social events.

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I am so very honored to be able to serve as your Section President for the 2020-2021 fiscal year! My main goals this year are to build up our committees/institutes and have increased collaboration with our YMF and Student Chapter. And we are already off to a great start with the recent formation of the Hawaii Chapter of Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI)! Take a look at their page under our Institutes tab.

To keep this momentum going, I’m asking for members to step up and join a committee or Institute and get engaged as an active member. I truly believe this would build on the core strength of our Executive Committee and help invigorate our Section and bring more value to our members.

     Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. – Elizabeth Andrew

Most of our committees consist of a single hard-working volunteer and I’d like to see that grow into a network of volunteers. So please, check out our committee page and contact a chair to see how you can get involved! Want to get involved, but not sure where to get involved, then feel free to contact me! If you haven’t been inspired to get involved recently, please feel free to suggest ideas that would motivate you to participate, we’d love to hear them!

 With the global pandemic changing the way we live/work/play, our Section and the whole of ASCE has also had to adapt. Our in-person monthly dinner meetings have been put on-hold, we conducted our first ever online voting for Section Officers in August, and our OCEA awards ceremony went virtual this past September. We’re working to re-engage with our membership through virtual monthly meetings…stay tuned! ASCE has also launched a COVID-19 resources page that includes links to free programs, training, and relevant online discussions with fellow members. And don't forget that all members have 10 free PDHs! Now may be a good time to catch up on some of those technical on-demand webinars.  https://collaborate.asce.org/covid-19/home

 As we do every year, we’re going to continue to support our Younger Member Forum (YMF). I encourage you to check out their brand new website and join their email list to keep up-to-date with the exciting things they’re doing! https://ascehawaiiymf.org/

 Also, please take the time to learn what our Region 8 and the Hawaii Section have been doing together. We are proud to be a part of Region 8 because “Region 8 is great” and I encourage you to visit their site as well.  http://regions.asce.org/region8/home

 This year we have a great Executive Committee and dedicated committee chairs. I want to acknowledge and thank them all for their continued dedication to and support of ASCE and the Hawaii Section! 

Mahalo, and I look forward to serving you!

Dayna E. Nemoto-Shima, P.E., M.ASCE
ASCE Hawaii Section President

President's Message